A Merry Heart…

I heard my son laughing in his sleep last night and it made me feel such happiness in that moment. It was as if a surge of joy ran through my veins. Proverbs 17:22 says that a merry heart does good like medicine, but a crushed/broken spirit dries up the bones. Science has confirmed the truth of this scripture. When we are joyful, our bodies release 2 types of chemicals that fight cancer and other┬ádiseases. One type of chemical released is called “neuropeptide.” It’s the same type of chemical that they inject cancer patients with at almost $40,000 a shot! Wow, and just by laughing and being joyful, we can get an injection into our bloodstream for free. The other type of chemicals are called “opiods.” When these are secreted in our bloodstream, they enhance our immune systems. How amazing it that? When we laugh and are joyful, we are physically healthier. But, the opposite is also true, when our spirits are crushed, our immune systems lower, our energy is diminished and we can end up in a depressed state. Here’s my prescription for you today…laugh. It will do your body and you mind good. Who or what makes you laugh?

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