Known for a sound that continues to cross cultural and musical lines, Steve Crawford and Da’dra Crawford Greathouse (Anointed) use their musical abilities to offer messages of hope and encouragement.  Having received 3 Grammy nominations, 7 Dove Awards, 3 Stellar awards and multiple nominations and accolades, many have noticed their music ministry.  They have garnered fans in the genres of gospel, CCM and mainstream music. And, while they are grateful for such honors, these achievements are not what motivate this sibling duo.  Their desire is to see millions encouraged and uplifted in God’s presence.

Anointed has always found fulfillment in writing and recording music that speaks of God’s love and hope and, now more than ever, they have a passion for leading people into the presence of God.  After years of touring they took a break to reassess what they wanted to do next.  Not long after they began to sense a great opportunity on the horizon, they received a call from Lakewood Church, the largest church in America, where Joel and Victoria Osteen are the pastors.  They were asked to consider leading worship occasionally, when their schedule permitted.  The ‘occasional’ worship leading opportunity turned into the opportunity of a lifetime.

In addition to their own dates, they regularly lead millions in worship with Israel Houghton and Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff in Houston, TX and on the Night of Hope tours with Joel and Victoria.

Now, after receiving multiple requests for new music from friends and fans, they are re-entering the record industry in 2012.  They will be releasing a series of songs while gearing up for a new full length CD.


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