Do you need a different environment?

Good morning! Sorry I have been really busy this week and I haven’t been on my social media sites much. But, I have been working out and keeping my normal scheduled activities. I was really tired yesterday, but I went to my Zumba class anyway. I wasn’t being challenged enough on one side of the class. So, I ran to the other side to workout with 2 of the instructors that were also teaching the class. THAT’S WHEN I BEGAN TO REALLY FEEL IT! My calorie burn increased and I began to really break a sweat. It’s interesting that by simply changing my immediate environment, I began to push harder, be inspired and accomplish my goal. It’s the same way in life. Some of you haven’t been inspired in a long time. You aren’t really moving any closer to what God wants to do in life. You need to change your environment. Everything in life has an ideal environment in which it functions the best. Just think about it. If you take a fish and put it on dry ground, it may survive for awhile, but eventually it will not live. Why? Because dry ground isn’t it’s ideal environment. Conversely, if you put that same fish in water, it will come to swim and live. What about the various plants and trees that only grow in certain geographical areas? You won’t see a palm tree in Columbus, Ohio. I was amazed when I saw them in California for the first time. Different plants only flourish in certain climates and environments. This is the way we are. Look, if you are around friends that are pulling you down, leading you down the wrong path and you always feel physically and emotional depleted after being with them, you need to change your environment so you can be nourished and inspired, thus having energy to give. What about geographical location? When I was in Columbus, Ohio growing up, it was great. Then there came a time when God said he was going to move us from the environment we were in. Why? Because our blessings on the next level were in a different environment. With much opposition and misunderstanding, we obeyed God and he provided a way for us to move. It happened again when we received a call to come to Houston, TX. We didn’t just leave and make our own way, God already had the provision for us in the new place. And, as a result, our ministry went to the next level. Is God dealing with you about moving or being in a different ministry but you are afraid of others’ opinions? Your blessing may be in a different location. Just think about the children of Israel in Egypt. They even complained after God delivered them while they were on their way to the promised land. However, the promised land was in…yes, your guessed it…a DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENT and place than where they were. Their blessing was not in Egypt with Pharoah. Their new level of blessing was in a land flowing with milk and honey. What am I saying? I’m telling you that if you can’t find the provision that God has for you where you are, perhaps you are in the wrong place. You have to get to where your provision is and walk on that path. It may not always be where you think it is, but there is an ideal environment for you, i.e, ideal friendship environment (jealous/contentious/competitive friends-not an ideal environment), ideal working environment (if you aren’t progressing and moving toward your God-given goals, assess your work environment. I’m not suggesting that you quit your current job, but pray and ask God if you are where you are supposed to be or if there is something supplementally He wants to add to your life. He can open a door for you to be where you come to a flourishing finish, as the scripture says. How about a dating relationship? Do you have fitness goals? Are the people around you creating an environment that is making it difficult for you to achieve your weight loss objectives? I am not suggesting that you leave your spouse or children. LOL Please don’t get that impression. I am encouraging you to seek God and ask, “Where do you want me to be in this season? What is my assignment? Who are my friends? What ministry am I supposed to be a part of? Where is the place that you have already provided for me to flourish in? God will answer you and guide you. If you aren’t confident in your ability to hear from God, just ask Him to lead you in obvious ways. As Him to weed out the persons/places/things that aren’t for you and bring into your path the things and location markers that will guide you to your promised land. Wow, didn’t mean to write this today, but meditate on it. Your provision is in a place and that’s the place you will flourish physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. God bless. Da’dra

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