The Battle is the Lord’s

Before I opened my eyes this morning, I heard, “The battle is the Lord’s. You will not have to fight. I will fight for you.” I remember walking to school and a gang of girls were bullying me. They told me that they were going to ‘jump me’ or beat me up after school that day. I was terrified. They followed me half-way home. Then, we came to a street and all 8 of them surrounded me. They began to call me names and threaten me. All of a sudden, I opened my mouth and began to speak about the Lord, but I don’t know what I said, the next thing I know, they were terrified and all of them ran away. And, they never bullied me again. I believe an angel of the Lord was standing behind me. I really do. They looked like they had seen a ghost when the all fled. God fought my battle that day. When I was older, I was walking to church for bible study. As I approached a stop sign, a Chevette (Remember those LOL) filled with 5-6 guys stopped. They got out and formed a circle around me. They saw me holding my bible and began to taunt me. They said, “Where are you going, church girl?” And then, they began to argue about which one would ‘have their way with me’ 1st and they planned to take turns having their way with me. I was horrified and couldn’t believe I was about to be assaulted by these men. When all of a sudden, a car turned down that street, slowed down and backed up. A soldier got out of the car, burst into the center of the circle, grabbed me and told me to get in his car. You see, I had met this guy about a year prior at a family friend’s home. He was the younger brother of her husband. He was in the army. And although he only saw me 1 time, he remembered me. He was stationed in another state, but it just so happened, that he was home visiting that day and rescued me and drove me to church. God fought my battle and protected me again. II Chronicles 7:15-22 is one of my favorite scriptures. King Jehoshaphat was told, “Listen, all you people of Judah and Jerusalem! Listen King Jehoshaphat! This is what the Lord says: Do not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged by this might army, for the battle is not yours, but God’s…But you will not even need to fight. Take your positions; then stand still and watch the Lord’s victory. He is with you…” The King believed the prophets words and sent out SINGERS ahead of the soldiers to sing praises to God. The scripture says that AT THE MOMENT THEY BEGAN TO SING, the enemy armies became confused and began attacking and killing each other. In both of these situations in my life, I didn’t have to fight. And for some of you today, you are in various circumstances where you are being threatened in some way. Perhaps you are in a battle with a co-worker, maybe a spouse, a friend, sibling, or people in a ministry that you are involved in. Listen, you do not have to fight your own battle. At the moment you begin to praise, the battle is transferred into the hands of God. Let him fight for you. Don’t lower yourself to a level that is beneath you. You are chosen, royalty and the apple of God’s eye. Look to him for protection and deliverance. It is challenging to not take matters into our own hands, but every now and then, God will say, “Hey, don’t say a word. Just praise me, stand still and let me get you out of this situation.” When we get in the way and try to fight on our own, we can make matters worse by saying things that should be left unsaid or causing more confusion and strife. Just let the Lord fight for you today. Stand still and see His salvation in your life. 🙂 Have a blessed, prosperous and productive day. 🙂

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