The Power of Being Prepared

This morning I felt like speaking to you about ‘The Power of Being Prepared.’ People ask me all the time, “How do I get a record deal?” “How do I become a worship leader?” “How do I become a songwriter?” And, my first question is always, “What are you doing now?” I ask that because there is always a process that we must adhere to on the journey to being anything. And honestly, I believe we are never really ‘becoming’ something in life as much as we are simply gradually manifesting on a daily basis who we already are. God has put everything you need inside of you to fulfill your purpose in life. You just have to cultivate, develop and release all of those gifts. And this process starts right where you are…now.

That’s what we did, even before we understood this principle. Before we were offered our 1st record deal, we had written all the songs that would be on that CD. How? When we were students, we decided to meet every week to rehearse the songs we wrote. By the way, we had nowhere to sing them. LOL No one had heard of us. And, for a long time, we rehearsed without any musicians. We didn’t have any. LOLOL But, we had to start somewhere. We were gaining experience and cultivating our gifts in basements, living rooms and practice rooms in private…out of the eye of the public.

This is what happened to David. In I Samuel 17, it says that while David’s older brothers were fighting in the army, he was shepherding his father’s sheep, running errands and delivering food to them. As David was asking about the reward for taking Goliath out (The King’s daughter and total exemption from taxes-how about that deal), one of his brother’s asked, “Why did you come down here? Who is watching those FEW sheep for you in the wilderness?” In other words, his brother was belittling where David was in his life. He was ‘JUST’ a shepherd boy to him. But, to God, David was already a commander of troops and a king.

Here’s my point, you are not ‘JUST’ anything. And we weren’t JUST students writing and singing. Back then, we were who we are now. It just took time for it to be seen by others. Listen, you may be a host at a restaurant now, but you are already a business owner. You may be a volunteer in the music ministry now, but you really are a worship pastor. You may be teaching a small bible study class now, but you are a pastor. You may be a stay at home mother reading books to your children now, but you are an author of your own book series. You may be a student now, but you are a physician, accountant, video game developer, controller, attorney or the next Steve Jobs. Develop your gifts and talents by being faithful at this stage in your life. Bloom where you are planted and never despise small beginnings…they lead to big endings.

David developed his skill in a field protecting sheep. He was confident in his ability to defeat Goliath because He’d already killed animals, a lion and bear among them. When this big opportunity presented itself, he was ready. This principle still applies to all of us, as well. Don’t wait for the door to open before you get started. Begin praying and researching now. Start practicing and writing now. Begin studying now. When the opportunity presents itself, you will be prepared and ready to show the world who you have always been. I hope this inspires you today. 🙂 God Bless. Da’dra

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